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Hawkdun Rise vineyard is small and was planted in 1994, predominantly Pinot Noir with a small amount of Gewürztraminer. The scale of the vineyard is just enough for the couple to manage “with a little help from my friends,” says John.

The Hawkdun Rise philosophy is quality rather than quantity and this has paid off with the vineyard’s 2005 signature HR Pinot Noir – the first vintage produced under John and Suzanne’s guidance – winning a silver medal in the 2007 Air New Zealand Wine Awards. A Gold Medal in the same awards followed this for their 2006 HR Pinot Noir.

NZ Liquor License Details: Hawkdun Rise Limited 67/OFF/24/2023

Our latest vintage is HR Pinot Noir 2015, coming soon Gewürztraminer 2023

Medals Won:

2012 VintagePure Gold Medal(Air New Zealand Wine Awards)
2011 VintagePure Elite Gold Medal(Air New Zealand Wine Awards)
 Gold Medal(Royal Easter Show)
2010 VintageGold Medal(International Wine Show)
2009 VintageGold Medal(Royal Easter Show)
 Gold Medal(Bragato Wine Awards)
2008 VintageSilver Medal(Eight silver medals were awarded)
2007 VintageSilver Medal(International Wine Show)
2006 VintageGold Medal(Air New Zealand Wine Awards)

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November – April 11am – 4pm Daily. Large groups appointments please.
Vineyard tours are available
Due to unforeseen circumstances, we may be closed for a couple of hours on some days.